Athens Attiki

Since December 2021, David has lived in Athens from where he serves Arab refugees with the gospel and food. Refugees with whom there was already contact on Chios stay in and around this big city. David also meets 'new' refugees and seeks connections with local Arab church communities and locally active foundations. In collaboration with CRR, he distributes supplies to refugees who no longer receive support from the Greek government. He also assists refugees as an interpreter during medical consultations or in contacts with the Greek government. During the contact moments he shares the Biblical testimony of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. We support David in his work from the Netherlands where we can.


In concrete terms, our work is expressed here in:

  • David's presence and availability, giving the refugees someone to rely on, fall back on, and help them.
  • Conducting Bible studies, in which interested people receive education and can turn to David with their questions. David also receives support and guidance from others who guide him in these activities and personal life.
  • Supporting David's livelihood.
  • Offering a listening ear and a helping hand in the private situation of refugees.
  • Providing the material necessities of life for refugees as much as we are able.

“Our prayers can go where we cannot. When we pray there are no borders, no prison walls, and no closed doors.”

Anne van der Bijl


Athens Kypseli

Athens could be considered as an assembly point where many refugees from the Greek islands are transported to. The situation of refugees in Athens is terrifying. Millenia ago the Gospel has sounded in this city through the apostle Paul. “For in him we live and move and have our being…” (Acts 17:28). This source of power and comfort we want to offer and make known to the refugees in Athens.

Currently, we are backing an Afghan family staying in Athens. We help to support them in providing a place to live and in providing necessities of life. Together with other organizations they share the Gospel and warm meals with refugees. In addition, they voluntarily help with translating, when refugees have to visit a Greek doctor for example.

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