Chios is a Greek Island near the coast of Turkey. In the past years many refugees arrived on Chios by boat. This big flow of refugees has probably caught your eye and has its consequences till this day. These people on Chios are traumatized by a past of violence, fear, and insecurity. Due to the Greek policy many of them are Arabic people from countries as Syria or Yemen. The current situation requires practical and material aid, but also spiritual and immaterial aid. We mainly focus on spiritual guidance, share the Biblical message with these people, and try to be a listening ear for their problems and questions.

Specifically, this manifests itself in:

  • Frequently visiting Chios, where we meet these people and form relationships with them.
  • Doing bible studies, which can be attended by people interested in them, to teach them and to give them the opportunity to ask questions to the evangelist.
  • Providing evangelists and translators in their livelihood. Translators are needed to make contact with the people. 
  • Offering pastoral care in the private sphere.
  • Providing in material necessaries of refugees as much as we can.

“Our prayers can go where we cannot. When we pray there are no borders, no prison walls, and no closed doors.”

Anne van der Bijl



Athens could be considered as an assembly point where many refugees from the Greek islands are transported to. The situation of refugees in Athens is terrifying. Millenia ago the Gospel has sounded in this city through the apostle Paul. “For in him we live and move and have our being…” (Acts 17:28). This source of power and comfort we want to offer and make known to the refugees in Athens.

Currently, we are trying to find possibilities to set up a mission post in Athens. We have seen a great flow through of refugees with whom we are in contact from the islands. This means we are losing them, because the Greek government transports them to main land. Many of the refugees that are transported end up in Athens. Most of the time they cannot naturalize well in Athens and its surroundings, which causes very difficult and poor living conditions. Frequently, it happens that refugees become victims of prostitution, drug addiction, and so on. We want to discourage and stop this by staying in contact with the people we met on the islands. In the near future we want to set up a mission post, so we can invite them there too. We have experienced that continuity in relationship is very important for the well-being of these people. Here too, we want to equip and encourage them in their personal faith and search for Biblical truth. We will also share the Gospel here in Athens; with our friends and with new people we meet. 

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